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Hi there! I'm Stacey Marolf.

Let's be honest - being a small business owner can be tough. Even though your business revolves around dance, which is your passion, the challenges of managing a dance studio and growing a business can be overwhelming, and it's easy to feel alone. That's where we come in!

Since 2003, we've dedicated ourselves to helping dance studios grow their businesses through professionally designed websites. Ours is a team of motivated and experienced individuals with solid backgrounds in dance and the teaching of dance, which means... we speak your language, and we're here to help!

As for me, I'm a former dancer/dance teacher/choreographer turned website designer & marketing consultant. I too have a dance related business and have experienced the highs, lows, frustrations and excitements of growing it.

It's clear by now that old marketing tactics such as the Yellow Pages no longer work. Your dance studio website is no longer a spoke in your marketing efforts, but the hub around which your efforts revolve. If your site functions only as a 5 page business flier - with an old-school design and stagnant information - you're not only missing out on new dancers, you may be threatening the loyalty of existing ones.

Please take a look around the site, add your name to our dance studio marketing newsletter (chock full of tips and suggestions), and let me know if questions arise.

All the best,

Stacey Marolf
Owner - Studio of Dance.com


Studio of Dance.com History & Staff

Studio of Dance.com began as a part-time pastime, and evolved into a business offering professional website design and marketing tools specifically for dance studios. Since 2003, we've been bringing studios and dancers together through affordable, high-quality dance websites, dance studio marketing techniques, and a comprehensive dance studio directory. We would love the opportunity to become partners in the marketing of your dance studio, and want to take the stress out of owning a website and spreading the word so that you can focus on running your business.

Stacey Marolf - Founder:
Dance website design - Stacey & one of her students after a dance recitalAs the founder of Studio of Dance.com, Stacey grew up taking dance and performing with the Fresno Ballet Company and in local musical theater productions. She worked her way through college by teaching ballet and tap at two local dance schools.

Stacey's years of experience in teaching dance have included the choreography of numerous productions for local theater companies and educational institutions. She was also thrilled to head the dance portion of the Humanities Program for the Bonner Family Foundation for the Arts, in which drama, music and dance were taught in elementary schools in Fresno County.

Stacey began learning web design in 2002 out of necessity, in order to market a series of books and school tours written by herself and a friend. After discovering that research, marketing, and 'plugging away at the computer' held great appeal, Stacey decided to go towards website design as a career. However, she couldn't imagine giving up the dance world entirely. During several extended searches on the internet, she realized that dance schools were under served by the web design community. No company catered specifically to the needs of dance studio owners. Energized by the possibilities, Stacey went back to school to learn the ins and outs of small business, marketing, and web design, and in the process developed the idea for Studio of Dance.com.

Fast forward a decade+ (has it really been that long already?), and we're stronger than ever... helping studio owners grow their businesses gracefully, and loving every minute of it!



Craig Madden - Co-Owner, Technology Wrangler:

Craig does much of the website maintenance and support for our customers, as well as the coding of the more advanced features for our websites. The content management system we provide to our studio owner customers was built by Craig, as was as our dance studio directory. Although not a dancer himself, he has been married to one for over 19 years!




Kristen Smith - Former Dancer turned Fabulous Designer:

Kristen brings many years of graphic and website design experience to the party, and is an all-around marvelous person. She taught dance full-time throughout her 20's, which is an important component, because an understanding of the dance world helps so much when designing dance studio websites. Kristen's daughter now carries on the tradition, and is an accomplished triple threat in her own right.



Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We would love to work with you!


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