Dance Studio Mobile Website FAQ's

You'll find answers to many of your questions on this page. If you don't find what you need below, please feel free to email us at, and we'll reply within one business day.


Why a dance studio mobile website?

A mobile website lets your business reach a broader audience. Recent studies show that the mobile web is the place to be: 80% of internet users own a smartphone, and according to eMarketer, local mobile searches (85.9 billion in 2013) are projected to exceed desktop searches (84 billion) for the first time in 2015.

To address this rapidly growing number of mobile web users, we offer 'GoMobi' mobile websites that coordinate beautifully with full dance studio sites. They're super fast loading, easy to maintain, SEO friendly, and are a simple and affordable way for you to "go mobile".

Some cool things about GoMobi mobile websites:


How is my mobile site built?

When you sign up for a dance studio mobile website, you'll have several site styles to choose from. Once you let us know your preference, we'll create your mobile site, incorporating your logo, color scheme and information from your main studio website. The result is a mobile website that is unique to you and your studio - one that coordinates beautifully with your main website.

We’ll have your mobile website up and running within 3 business days of your service being started. Now visitors using cell phones will be automatically taken to the mobile version of your website.

Once launched, you will get access to the user-friendly site builder, with which you can make your own changes to your mobile website's look and content.


What is included with the mobile website?

The following is included in the package:


Does the mobile site provide analytics?

Our mobile websites feature integration with your existing Statcounter or Google Analytics account. We set this up for you when creating your mobile site.


Does goMobi work on all mobile devices?

Your mobile site will work on all phone models and sizes. We create your mobile website so that it’s viewable only on cell phones, though, not iPads or other tablets. This is because a dance studio's main website normally looks super sharp on an iPad and tablets, better than the mobile version of the site. If you feel strongly that you’d like your mobile site to display on iPads/tablets as well as on cell phones, just let us know and we can change that setting.


Can I add text and photos to my mobile website?

Yes, with the site builder you can add and/or change materials at your leisure. Note that your mobile website is a separate site from your full website (separate, yet connected). If you make changes to your full (non-mobile) website using Simple2Edit, the changes will not be reflected on your mobile site.

You can easily add or change materials to your mobile website, but if you don’t relish the idea of needing to update two sites, just use evergreen materials on your mobile website. Evergreen materials are text and photos with a long shelf life, such as studio history, mission statement, class descriptions, and facility/staff information. You rarely need to update that type of information (as opposed to date related items, such as “Studio Open House – August 12th”).


How will the mobile website help to increase my site's visibility in mobile search engines?

GoMobi mobile websites include well defined page titles and descriptions, optimized site structure for navigation, good URL structure, optimized robots.txt, and the creation of a sitemap. These are good practice recommendations as outlined in Google's Search Engine Optimization Guide.

In addition, we use the Site SEO tool to provide keywords and description for your dance studio, which helps search engines rank your site's relevance in relation to a visitor's search request.


How much is a mobile website?

Setup fee:
There is a low one-time setup fee of $90. We initially set the website up for you, but you can make changes to it yourself once it's ready.

NOTE: This fee is waived if we're designing a full new studio website for you!

Hosting and content management service:
$7.95 monthly, if your full website was designed by us
$12.95 monthly, if your full website has been designed by another person or company

NOTE: The mobile site and service is free for those using our $47 per month Simple2Edit service for their full website.

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