Mobile website design for dance studiosMobile Website Design for Dance Studios

With almost everyone accessing websites from phones and tablets, a mobile website is imperative - to support your full site and provide your dance studio's most essential information in a more streamlined design.

With a mobile website, you'll have a separate website that visitors will see if they are on a mobile device. The platform they are using (computer, phone or tablet) will be detected automatically, and they'll be routed instantly to the appropriate website. The mobile website can be a great complement to an existing full website and makes it easier for those who aren't in front of a computer.

Please note: Sure, we'd love to design a swanky new dance studio website for you, but why would you hire us for that if you're perfectly happy with your existing site? We're happy to create a mobile website for any dance studio website, whether or not the full website was designed by us.

Want to see some dance studio mobile website designs? Take a peek!

Mobile site cost and details:

Setup fee:
A mobile website has a low one-time setup fee of $90. We initially set the website up for you, but you can make changes to it yourself once it's ready.

NOTE: This fee is waived if we're designing a full new studio website for you!

Hosting and content management service:
$7.95 monthly, if your full website was designed by us
$12.95 monthly, if your full website has been designed by another company

The monthly cost is included with our $47 per month Simple2Edit service!

Have questions? Here are answers to some common questions about our mobile sites.

Please let us know if you have other questions about going mobile, its cost and/or the process. And when you're ready to make your move, use the button below!

Dance Studio Mobile Websites – Let's Do This!

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