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Website design specifically for dance studios? Absolutely! As former dancers, dance teachers and choreographers, we have zero desire to create a website for a plumber. Or an attorney. Or an automotive repair shop. No disrespect meant to those professions, but life is short, and we'd rather help dance studio owners grow their studios.

We understand (and absolutely love) the dance world, have been in business since 2002, and have created hundreds of unique, appealing websites for people just like you.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Are you:

  • Frustrated that your dance studio web design hasn't changed and that it no longer looks current?
  • Concerned that your website no longer holds up against your competitors' sites?
  • Opening a new studio and don't know how to start getting students?
  • Tired of a website you or a dance parent created, and are embarrassed because it looks a little cheesy/bad/out of date? (You are in good company here... trust me!)
  • Miffed that you can't make your own changes, or that it takes too long to get changes made by your web designer?
  • Feeling that your studio website isn't worthy of your amazing dance studio?

Studio of to the rescue!


A sampling of our dance website designs
A sampling of the dance studio websites we've created


Would you like more information?

Feel free to take a look at the costs and web design process, and view our website portfolio and testimonials.

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Dance studio websites - Let's get started!

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