Design Process: What to Expect

We're thrilled to be a part of your team! The building of your new dance studio website will be a fun, creative experience, and you can have as much (or as little) input as you desire. Here is the process:

1. On this website there is much info about the standard design package, add-ons, and the costs involved, plus you can view our portfolio of dance studio websites to see if we're a good fit. If you have additional questions, though, please feel free to contact us by email:, or by phone: (678) 883-2770. Our phone availability is M-F, 11am to 7pm, Eastern Standard Time.

2. Once you've decided to proceed, please click on the Let's Get Started button. We'll email back with a website planning worksheet. Using this tool can help you achieve a clearer picture of the website you desire, and will ensure that the process runs smoothly. You'll also receive your design agreement, plus instructions on making your initial design payment.

3. We'll begin designing your studio website once your website planning worksheet, design agreement, and first payment are received.

4. A preliminary design will be created and uploaded for you to consider. The design will be unique to your studio, based on your input and what we've learned of you and your studio through our communications.

5. You'll let us know of any changes you'd like made to the design, and we'll modify it as necessary until you completely love it. At that point, we'll call the design solidified. If we've created a design that is not at all to your liking, we will be happy to create a second design from scratch, after delving more into your aesthetic likes and dislikes.

6. You'll send your materials to us, either online, through the mail, or a combination of the two. There are several ways that you can submit your materials.

7. We'll add and format your website materials as they are received, make any changes you've requested, and add the finishing touches.

8. After receiving your final approval, we'll do our final checks and send you an invoice for the remainder of your site design fees, including any add-ons you may have chosen. If you're paying the standard design fee with a 6 month automatic payment plan, the invoice we send will be only for any add-ons you've chosen. Once you've made your final invoice payment, we are ready to launch your website!

9. To make your new website "live", your domain name will need to be pointed to our server. This requires gaining access to the domain name account to change the settings. Please locate the username and password for your domain name manager account (for example: Bluehost, GoDaddy, and Dreamhost are commonly used registrars), and have them ready to give us when the website is ready to be launched. NOTE: If we acquired the domain name for you, this step is not necessary.

10. Next, we officially launch your website and email to let you know it's "live". Congratulations!!

11. Our relationship is not over! You'll be able to make most of your own changes using our Simple2Edit content management service ($47 monthly; includes hosting), but we're here to answer questions (free), provide support (free), and to do website modifications (at our hourly rate). We also have a monthly maintenance plan where we do all your website changes, if that's a better fit for you and your studio.

The whole web design experience is as straightforward and positive as possible. We take care of the details, so that you can concentrate your energies on your studio business.

We are also exceedingly pleased to provide you with the much-needed ongoing collaboration and encouragement that is often missing for studio owners today.Our customer newsletter offers tips, information, and freebies not accessible anywhere else. And visit our dance studio marketing blog for more juicy tips and resources.

Congratulations on your new dance studio website!

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