Why Choose Us to Create Your New Studio Website?

We Speak Dance + Tech!

Have you had a frustrating experience with a website designer who didn't have a clue about the dance world? Have you struggled to understand what the haaay they're talking about because they're using too much tech lingo?

That's not us!! We have strong backgrounds in dance AND are very comfortable with tech talk. Many of our studio-owning clients want an effective website but don't give a rip about the tech world, and that suits us just fine.

We take the website tech stuff off your hands, so you get all the digital goodness with next to no learning curve.


What we WON'T say:

"We maximize mission-critical initiatives through synergistic interfaces and end-to-end frictionless vortals."

(What the whaaaat?)

What we WILL say:

"Let's use smart calls-to-action on your new website to bring more dancers into your studio. Here are a couple of suggestions."

Responsive websites for dance studios


Simply put, we're a web design and marketing company who understands the specific needs of dance studio owners. Your dance studio's website will be designed by someone with a strong background in the performing arts and the teaching of dance, as well as many years of experience in website design.

We're friendly to work with and sincerely look forward to helping you showcase your studio with a fantastic new website!

Here is a list of the services we provide:


Website Design

Our staff creates a custom, responsive website design for each studio owner. After receiving input from you through our communications and your planning worksheet, we tailor the site to your specific needs and desires. Your studio is one-of-kind - shouldn't your website be?

Graphic Design

In need of a professional logo? We'd be happy to develop a logo that perfectly reflects the personality and mission of your dance school. Need a dance program designed, or a postcard, or t-shirt? We've got you covered!



Search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, will help your dance studio's website rank higher and be more visible in the most popular search engines and web directories. We use several basic SEO techniques as a matter of course with all of our websites. Although we would never promise a particular search engine placement (Pro Tip: Don't trust anyone who promises a #1 ranking!), our customers' sites tend to show up nice and high in Google and other major search engines.

For those in major metropolitan areas who are competing with a large number of savvy studio rivals, or are otherwise having troubles showing up high in the search engines, we offer an SEO package where we really dig in and fully optimize your site. Please feel free to ask about that option. We also offer free SEO tips in our blog and studio marketing newsletter.

Content Development

Having a fresh (or first) website designed for your dance studio? Then it's a great time to take a serious look at the content on your website. Good writing engages website visitors, giving them pertinent information in an easy-to-digest manner. If writing is not your forté, you may find benefit in our content development service.

After getting a strong feel for your studio and what makes it special, we'll develop textual content that shows newbies why your studio is an excellent choice and how to easily go through the process of becoming a customer. We write content to appeal to both humans and search engines. Without SEO optimized copy, your site is less likely to the see the amount of traffic that it otherwise could.

Hiring a professional who understands dance as well as best practices for copywriting and SEO can be a great method of gaining more traffic and keeping visitors on your site longer. If interested, please contact us for more information and a quote.


Our blog, Dance Studio Breakthrough, exists to help you enhance your dance studio's marketing strategies. Areas covered are: building a strong studio brand, how to get the most from your studio's website, SEO, and social media, but you'll also find posts about some of the more old-school business principles; such as referral strategies, creating multiple streams of studio revenue, and best customer service practices. Take a peek!

Studio Marketing Newsletter

Join over 1500 dance studio owners who have signed up to receive free practical advice on how to market and grow a dance studio. Honestly, our Studio Marketing Newsletter comes out only rarely, but when it does, it's filled with how-tos, interviews and articles. Sign up here!

Hosting & Maintenance

Web Hosting

We have over a dozen years of experience in providing hosting and website management. Our websites have an uptime 99.9%, to ensure your website is available when it counts!

We take care of creating, configuring and managing your hosting account so you don't need to worry about understanding all the technical details.

Email Addresses

Each website includes up to 10 personalized domain based emails. Support is available for setting up email in all popular devices and software applications.

You can get your email anywhere you are connected by using your hosted webmail, and spam and email filtering is included with all email accounts. Email forwarding is available for all email accounts.

Content Management System

Tired of waiting for someone else to do your website changes? Our ‘Simple2Edit’ service is a content management system that allows you to make your own website changes once your new dance studio site has been launched. It's our most popular service, and is (as the name implies), simple to use.

Website Maintenance and Modification

If you don't have the time, energy, or desire to make your own website changes, we're happy to do them for you. Our turnaround time is (almost always) within 1 business day. We offer monthly '3 or 5 changes per month' plans, as well as a 'Pay as you need it' option.

Domain Name Services

Do you already have a domain name (website address) for your dance studio? That's perfectly fine. As long as you have the login information for your domain name company, we can use your existing website address for your new studio site. If you don't have a domain name, we're happy to brainstorm with you to come up with the perfect name, and then we can secure and manage it for you if you would like.




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Triple Threat = One Stop Shop

Studio of Dance.com provides all of the services your website will need in-house. This bundling saves you money in web hosting and maintenance as compared to purchasing them separately, while ensuring a well-run, consistently current dance studio website.

We've designed well over 200 studio websites all over the US and beyond. It is our niche, what we love to do, and is what makes us different.

Would you like to join our Studio of Dance.com family of Extraordinary Studio Owners?


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