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I receive these types of emails from dance studio owners around the country:

"I have heard about you from several other dance studio owners who had their websites designed by you and are very happy. I designed my website myself and do all the maintenance, etc. I am not in need of a total redesign, but I was wondering if you do any consulting - as far as looking at my website and giving me ideas to make it look better or doing some small design upgrades."

- and -

"I am looking into search engine optimization (SEO). Do you do this at all? I am trying to get our website to rise in the Google ranking, but do not know much about this at all and would love some help in this department. If you do this how do you price this service? Thanks!"

Dance Studio Marketing by the Hour

In answer to the emails above, Yes, and Yes!

While we do offer website design for dance studios, I'm quite happy to consult by the hour on your existing website, with an eye towards making it more user friendly and/or search engine friendly. I have over 12 years of experience helping dance schools make the best use of their #1 marketing tool, and have an excellent sense of what does and doesn't bring new dancers through a studio's doors.

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And I am??

I'm Stacey Marolf, founder and co-owner of Studio of I would love nothing more than to help you grow your studio quickly and gracefully!