Is Your Dance Studio's Website User-Friendly?

Is your dance studio website user friendlyGet your free customized 21-point website assessment!

We're so close to our own websites that it can be difficult to glean how user-friendly they are for new visitors. I mean, we know where everything is on our website, what everything means, and how to accomplish what we want to accomplish.

But is your studio's website easy for newbies to use?

The answer to this question can make the difference between a studio site that pulls in new dancers, and one that irritates visitors or - worse yet - is quickly abandoned for the website of a competitor.

So are you ready for an honest assessment of your studio's website? I won't sugarcoat things, nor will I be mean. Since I'm new to your website, I'll have fresh eyes. And since I've been creating dance studio websites for over 15 years, I've got a great understanding of what makes a user-friendly site.

Your website will be appraised using key metrics that affect the user experience, such as navigation, content layout, and readability. I'll examine (at least) three pages of your dance studio's website to help you recognize and fix issues that could be off-putting to visitors. You'll receive your complementary, customized report within 2 business days.

Incidentally, there's zero obligation to this offer. Perhaps you take the findings from this assessment to your own designer so they can improve what needs improving. It that's the case, more power to you. If you do need a new website, we'd love to create an awesome one for you, but if not, no worries and no pressure.

NOTE: This offer is only for dance studios, gyms, and performing arts organizations.


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